Babybody aus Merinowolle und Seide und Fleece-Bekleidung aus Merinowolle
Novelties 2019/2020

Dear Friends of ENGEL,
As always in summer, allow us to present the latest products from ENGEL! And once again, you‘ll find all sorts of lovely colours and new items.

We‘ve given our cotton underwear an entirely new look. There are now three classic colours – natural, silver and indigo – for everyone, babies, children and adults. Coloured seams on the underwear catch the eye.

Our popular wool/silk fabric for babies and children is now also
available in various new colours – plain raspberry and navy-blue, and striped in raspberry/orchid and ice-blue/navy-blue. For those who like a fashionable touch, we offer saffron, plain or striped, to go with the current colour walnut – and there‘s no end to the combination options you can choose.

Of course, we also have new wool fleece products for babies, and they are available in saffron mélange, our popular walnut mélange, and a classy lilac mélange. As the cherry on the cake, a soft rosewood mélange is available for little girls. This means your little ones will not only be wrapped up warm, but can also wear the prettiest colours.

A baby jacket with wooden buttons and made of soft virgin wool terry in navy-blue, and a new baby dress in red mélange complete the range. For bigger children, there are virgin wool terry jackets with a practical zip in the colours navy-blue and red mélange.

But enough of the suspense – why don‘t you just have a look
at the new products straight away!

All that remains is for us to say we hope you enjoy browsing through our new catalogue!